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How To Start A Money-Making Blog In 2023?

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Iconic Blogging is a blog created by Piaff Dibota. We help visionary people, fans of online businesses, to become financially independent through blogging. At Iconic Blogging, we think, research, and test every idea to see what works the best, and then we report them back to you.

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Our articles, free downloads, and paid products all have one goal: to help you reach the financial freedom you desire more than anything else. This is not gambling, nor a ‘become rich in one night’ business. It’s a business that requires hard work, dedication, and empowering habits to add value more than anyone else in your niche and attract the people you want to work with. 

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Creating a profitable blog starts by getting the right knowledge and discovering the first steps to take. Choose the best WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting, and monetize your stunning blog.

Iconic Blogging - Choose a Profitable Blog Niche


Learn the 5 key points every successful blog niche must meet and discover 20+ profitable blog niche ideas!

Iconic Blogging - How to Start a Blog


What would your life be like if you had a blog that makes you money every month!? You are just one step away from it!

Iconic Blogging - Find a WordPress Theme


What is a WordPress theme and how does it work? Read to discover the best WordPress themes for any blog niche!

Iconic Blogging - Find a WordPress Plugin


What is a WordPress plugin and how can it change your blog? Check out to find the best plugins to use for your blog!

Iconic Blogging - Host Your Blog


Hosting means making your website accessible on the internet. But what hosting providers are the best out there?

Iconic Blogging - Monetize Your Blog


Now that your blog is ready, it’s time to monetize it and generate income. But how? Check out these 7 proven ways to do it!

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Our blog is where we teach various tested frameworks to help you reach your creative and financial goals. We are always obsessed with adding value.

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Joel Got BWR Ebook

This ebook is super informative. It's full of everything you need to know if you are interested in starting your own blog. I highly recommend it.

Yvette Got Niche Type Ebook

I didn't know that a niche could also block me and make it very difficult to identify and solve future problems, and to sell more to my users. Thanks for this.

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Indry Downloaded Onepager

I love this Onepager because it's editable. I can add my own goals and tasks, and even delete them. But, really, the coolest thing is it saves online.

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