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7 Proven Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2021

When we create a blog, the question that now sticks to our mind is: how can I make money blogging?

No matter why we started blogging, generating income is a goal we all want to reach.

Not only it helps us take care of ourselves, but it also helps us serve our readers at a higher level.

If you are on this page, it means you are part of them and really care for your readers and your blog.

In this post, I am going to give you seven different ways to make money blogging.

Let’s get into it.

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Strategy #1: Make Money Through Google AdSense

Ads are announcements that appear on your site.

As an internet user, you’ve definitely come across some.

No matter what people say, ads are still relevant today.

And it seems like more people and companies are going to sell their products through ads.

Also, more locals companies are going to market online.

It means that websites using ads will continue to make money.

Let’s see how you can generate income through ads.

Google Adsense is an advertising program that can help you earn some profit.

All you need to do is to create an AdSense account and connect your website.

Make Money Blogging - Create Google Adsense Account

After that, you will display ads on your blog.

These ads will not be the same on every user’s screen.

How will you get paid?

You will get paid each time a user clicks on an ad. It’s called Cost-per-click (CPC).

So, every time a user clicks on an ad, you receive a set fee.

There is another type called CPM (cost per thousand views), where you get paid when an ad is shown 1000 times on your website.

Google Ads is a good way to start making money.

Pro Tip: always keep in mind that users are humans. Use ads but keep your blog clean for users. Don’t click on ads yourself or encourage people to do so.

Strategy #2: Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

A sponsored post is content a business publishes on your blog by paying you a sum of money in return.

Usually, the business sells a product or a service and wants to get this information in front of targeted readers.

So, they may think that your audience deserves to know about them.

Depending on your agreement with the business, they can send you the product to test it yourself.

Sometimes, they will not pay you again since you’ll keep the product for free.

Next, you’ll write an honest review about it on your blog.

But I know you will prefer to get money instead.

Most of the time, you will not use the product but research enough to write a review and receive your cash.

And it’s the one I prefer.

The Different Types of Sponsored Content

When I was working for an SEO agency, I often contacted web admins for sponsored posts for my clients.

Well, it was mostly for backlinks purposes.

There are several ways to publish a sponsored post or “part of content.”

Let me tell you three of the most popular ones we used.

1. The first way is to publish a full post.

Here, you’ll dedicate an entire blog post to the brand in question.

Most websites charged us $500 – $1500 while a few were ready to take $2500 and more.

Brands often check if the amount of traffic to your blog is great enough to pay such a high amount.

2. The second way is to write an entire post about multiple brands in the same area.

A “top 10 best washing machines”, for example.

And, of course, you will make sure to put their brand at the top since they paid you.

As you can guess, the fee is often low in this case because users can choose competitors.

They used to take $300 – $500.

Don’t get me wrong.

Some bloggers can make more than this.

3. Last but not least, you can include the brand in an existing post.

For example, if an online language learning company contacts you and requests a review, you can add them to an existing matching post.

You could already have something like “top 10 best online platforms to learn French”.

So, you could remove one platform and add the new brand.

This is one way of making money blogging.

What You Can Do Regarding Sponsored Posts

  • Thoroughly discuss their needs and what they expect from you.
  • Don’t hesitate to let them know your price. If you think you deserve $2500, request it.
  • Always check if the product matches your niche.
  • You can tell clients that you will inform readers it’s a sponsored post. If they don’t like it, you may slightly increase the price to remove it.

Strategy #3: Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is selling someone’s products on a commission basis.

You mention a product on your website, a user clicks on it and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

The commission can be a fixed amount or a percentage.

But for it to work, you will need to join an affiliate program.

Research for companies or websites in your niche.

Check if they sell any product or offer any affiliate program.

You will usually see it on the website footer.

Click and join the program.

If approved, you will get a link called ‘referral link.’

You can use it on your website whenever you mention that product.

Therefore, when someone clicks the link and buys the product, it will show the product owner that the buyer came from your website.

Then, the owner sends you the commission.

What You Can Do Regarding Affiliate Marketing

  • Join as many affiliate programs as you can.
  • Recommend products that can really help your audience.

Strategy #4: Generate Income with Ebooks

An ebook is a digital or electronic book.

It can be read on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Mostly short, ebooks are a great way to give extra content to readers.

Actually, they can be short, way shooter than physical books.

They will generally focus on solving a particular problem or answering a specific question.

After creating the ebook, sell it.

You might wonder: Why will people buy ebooks when they can find the content for free on my blog or online?

One of the key reasons is that something you sell tends to have a higher value.

People believe that since they are going to spend money on it, it should be way valuable than any free content.

Yet, there is one more thing you need to remember:

you seriously need to increase the value of the ebook content.

It needs to be MUCH helpful than any free content online.

You should also keep this:

The more specific is the problem you are trying to solve with your ebook, the more likely people would buy it.

Strategy #5: Become a coach

One more way to make money blogging is by offering coaching services.

As a coach, you give directives and lead another person to success.

The goal is to bring changes to people’s life.

And one way of doing this is by offering a one-on-one service.

People will book appointments with you and tell you their problems (in the same niche).

Your job is then to figure out how to solve their problems.

For example, in the ‘freelancing’ niche, people may struggle to close big contracts.

Perhaps, they don’t feel confident at all when having a video call with a future client.

Or maybe they followed all the online tips and applied for 100 projects without winning a single one.

These people are so desperate and have real challenges.

They are scared and tired of failing.

Now, what they want is someone who will listen to them.

What they want is someone who will hold their hand and practically do things with and for them.

Also, you can be a coach regardless of your niche.

And with today’s advanced technology, there is no need to be with the person physically.

Just think about the problems people encounter in your niche and propose personal coaching services.

And study how they still have a hard life despite all the free tips they follow.

Now, if giving a 1-1 coaching service is too hard, make it in group sessions.

Don’t hesitate to try both ways to find the one that suits you.

Oh, by the way, WordPress plugins can help you set up the coaching service.

Think about using Birchpress and Startbooking that are so great.

What You Can Do Regarding Coaching

  • Propose one-on-one coaching
  • Propose group coaching
  • Try your best to limit the number of appointments you can handle
  • Occasionally host free webinars or free group coaching sessions for people to see your expertise. 
  • Talk to people you’ve coached and who became successful and add reviews on your blog

Strategy #6: Provide Freelancing Services

As a freelancer, you can help somebody in their business achieve some specific goals.

For instance, since you have a blog, you can also work with other web admins.

You can write content for their website, or do keyword research for them.

Just invite people to work with you.

And a good way to invite people is to indicate it in the header on your website.

Texts like ‘work with me’ or ‘get a free consultation’ are great.

Make money blogging - provide freelancing services
Image From Avada Virtual Assistant Website Template

Another example is working in the SEO niche.

Bloggers or companies can contact you to grow their traffic, to rank higher in search engines, etc.

Moreover, offering freelance work is that individuals and businesses will contact you.

There is actually no limit.

Strategy #7: Make Money By Selling an Online Course

Creating a course is one of the most efficient ways to make money blogging.

In a course, you share your knowledge and practical tactics students can use.

The goal is to go from point A to point B and get results.

Plus, the best part is that online courses can help you build trust.

Oh, one more thing!

Do you know that coaching has often helped bloggers create better online courses?

Yes, it’s possible.

Imagine you get tired of coaching every day.

Yes, you make a lot of money, but you want more time for yourself.

The fact here is that the majority of people will come to you with the same issues.

And it’s actually a good advantage.

Because now, you know exactly what they want and need.

So, instead of coaching every single, create a course where you solve all these problems.

And indicate that, for extra cash, they can work with you (coaching services) for a while.

It’s not all of them who will afford the extra cash.

Thus, in one course, you have solved people’s problems and your own problems.

By the way, check teachable to host your course.

It is one of the best and secure places to host your course and receive payments.

Online courses are becoming an excellent way to generate income from your blog.

That’s why some course creators make hundred of thousands of dollars while others millions.

Now It's Your Turn

There are so many ways to make money blogging.

It depends on the one you choose and the strategy you use.

Of course, the amount of effort is also crucial.

Your blog is a business, and all you want is to serve your dream readers while being profitable.

Now that we’ve covered different strategies, tell me the one you are going to use.

Or, let me know if you already use one.

Leave your comment in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you.

Piaff Dibota

Piaff brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the blogging world. Having worked as a content writer for multiple companies in different niches, he shares his blogging expertise through professional and engaging blog posts. 

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