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6 Best Beauty Blogs to Make You Beautiful & Attractive in 2023

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. I like changing this expression to ‘Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it, even yourself.’ If you want to feel even more beautiful than you are now, you need to follow popular beauty blogs out there.

Beauty blogs give you the best advice and tips on the newest products, trends, hair tutorials, and makeup tips. They show you how to make some beauty solutions at home and the best ways to keep your skin young and elastic.

So, do you want to make yourself beautiful and attractive in 2023? Check out 6 of the best beauty blogs in 2023.

 From makeup tutorials to skincare advice, these blogs are sure to give you all the information you need to look your best this year.

6 Popular Beauty Blogs

1. Birdie

Byrdie - Popular Beauty Blogs

Birdie is one of the top beauty blogs on the internet. From makeup tutorials, hair care tips, lifestyle content, and more, this blog offers a unique selection of beauty-related resources.

Birdie is known for its high level of insight and exclusive content that appeals to beauty enthusiasts. It features detailed tutorials covering everything from basic skin care tips to hair styling techniques and advanced makeup.

The blog also covers interesting topics such as celebrity makeup trends, green beauty products, and even mental health awareness within the world of beauty. 

These topics have helped Birdie stand out from other similar sites. Bride truly represents modern beauty cultures.

2. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge - Best Beauty Blogs

Lisa Eldridge is a world-renowned celebrity makeup artist whose blog has been featured in countless magazines and publications. Her beauty blog covers every aspect of beauty, from skincare advice to makeup tutorials, as well as sharing interesting personal stories about Lisa’s life on the red carpet.

You will also find tons of helpful information for aspiring makeup artists, including beauty secrets, product reviews, and tips on how to master the art of makeup.

One more thing that makes this beauty blog unique is its online beauty store. You can buy lipsticks, beauty accessories, jewelry, eyeshadow products, and more skin products.

Lisa Eldridge is also known for her honest opinion on products and trends in the beauty industry. Her blog and its videos give readers the opportunity to hear an insider’s perspective on all things related to beauty.

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3. The Klog

The Klog - Blogs For Skin and Hair Care Tips

As its website says, The Klog is an educational skin care resource site that offers personalized recommendations, giving everyday people the resources they need to have a deeper understanding of their skin.

Like other blogs mentioned in this article, The Klog is a beauty blog that focuses on skincare and makeup tutorials.

It is full of detailed articles written by experts in the beauty industry, product reviews from real people, and much more. Its content speaks to all levels of beauty enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced makeup artists.

The Klog is also connected to Sokoglam, a beauty shop. This beauty blog has become the go-to source for those looking to make sure they’re using the best products for their skin type.

4. The Beauty Look Book

The Beauty Look Book - Best Beauty Blogs for Women

Instead of focusing entirely on beauty, The Beauty Look Book is also about lifestyle and travel. It is a great blog for those who want to diversify their beauty routine with advice from Sabrina, a beauty expert.

It’s what you can call a lifestyle blog.

The Beauty Look Book has become an essential place where fans can learn the trends, products, and techniques in the world of beauty.

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5. Hello Glow

Hello Glow

Do you prefer natural products or solutions you can make yourself? Do you like to thoroughly check what you use on your skin? If so, you’ll love Hello Glow.

Hello Glow is a blog that focuses on natural beauty and DIY spa recipes. As a nature lover, discover tips for looking great without having to use too many chemical-based products, such as natural remedies for skin, hair, and body care.

But there is more!

Want to know natural bath recipes, facemask recipes, scrub recipes, and even soap recipes? Look no further because Hello Glow has got you covered.

You’ll love spending your time on one of the best beauty blogs.

6. British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger Successful Beauty Blogs

How about one more outstanding beauty bog? The Beauty Blogger by Jane Cunningham, a British beauty blogger, has become a must-read for beauty lovers.

There is a change that Jane has already talked about a skincare product you use. She shares personal insights and reviews on these products and reveals her own beauty tips.

How many articles can you find on the British Beauty Blogger? More than 10,000. This number alone sets high expectations.

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Use These Beauty Blogs to Make Yourself Even More Beautiful

These are some of the best beauty blogs to follow. Whether you’re looking for makeup tips and tutorials, skincare advice, DIY spa recipes, or natural remedies, these blogs have something to offer you.

From celebrity makeup artists such as Lisa Eldridge to bloggers like Jane Cunningham, these beauty blogs will guide you in all areas of beauty. Check them out to find the best tips and products for your look.

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