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15 Best Senior Blogs to Read Regularly in 2024!

So you’ve decided to venture into the world of senior blogs. Fantastic! Senior blogs are not just for the grey-haired among us but for anyone looking for a wealth of wisdom, humor, and heartwarming stories.

Whether you’re a senior yourself, taking care of an older loved one, or simply wishing to gain a fresh perspective, senior blogs have something to offer everyone. In this article, I’ll dive into the 16 best blogs for seniors you should follow regularly.

Buckle up, as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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15 Best Senior Blogs to Read

1. Senior Planet

Senior Planet

Senior Planet is one of the best senior blogs. It’s an innovative platform that empowers seniors to learn new skills and embrace technology. Founded by the non-profit Older Adults Technology Services (OATS), Senior Planet provides resources, information, and insights on how technology can enhance and simplify the lives of seniors.

It features articles on topics ranging from health, fitness, and technology tutorials, to lifestyle advice. 

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2. Changing Aging

This groundbreaking blog challenges the traditional perception of aging. Founded by Dr. Bill Thomas, a renowned geriatrician, the blog is dedicated to promoting a positive outlook on aging and encouraging seniors to embrace their golden years.

The content on Changing Aging is thought-provoking and covers various topics, such as health, lifestyle, policy discussions, and personal stories.

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3. NCOA.(National Council Of Aging)

The National Council Of Aging (NCOA) Blog is a trusted source of information for seniors. The senior blog aims to improve the lives of millions of older adults, especially those who are struggling. It provides valuable resources and articles on health, financial security, and personal well-being. 

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4. Senior Housing News

Senior Housing News

If you want an authoritative senior blog that offers comprehensive coverage of the senior housing industry, Senior Housing News is the blog for you. It provides the latest news, developments, and trends in the sector, making it a go-to resource for seniors looking for housing options.

Discover expert insights, in-depth analyses, and interviews with industry leaders. For beginners, this blog offers an excellent starting point to understand the complexities of senior housing. 

Housing News is definitely one of the best senior blogs to check out.

5. Can I Retire Yet?

Can I Retire Yet is one of the best and most popular blogs for seniors considering retirement. It offers insights into saving, investing, and planning for a secure future.

The blog is filled with practical financial advice, retirement strategies, and real-life experiences shared by the writers. It’s a must-read for anyone who wishes to retire comfortably.

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6. Sixty and Me

Let’s continue with our list of the best senior blogs and this time, let’s talk about Sixty and Me.

It is a blog designed specifically for women over 60. It covers a range of topics from health and wellness, fashion and beauty, to travel and lifestyle.

The blog helps women embrace their age and live life to the fullest after 60. It provides a supportive community where women can share their experiences and learn from one another.

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7. This Chair Rocks

This Chair Rocks is a senior blog that challenges the stereotypes of aging. It aims to inspire seniors to embrace their age and live their later years with purpose and vigor.

Founded by Ashton Applewhite, this blog includes thoughtful articles, interviews, and resources that provoke thought and encourage individuals to rethink their views on aging.

8. Senior Living Experts Blog

Senior Living Experts Blog

Your source of valuable advice and resources for seniors and their families navigating the world of senior living is the Senior Living Experts Blog. From choosing the right assisted living facility to understanding Medicare, this blog offers practical guidance. It also shares inspiring stories and promotes a positive perspective on aging.

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9. Senior Style Bible

The Senior Style Bible is a unique and must-read blog for seniors who want to stay stylish and relevant in today’s fashion industry. This blog, curated by Dorrie Jacobson, an 80-year-old fashion model, is all about breaking age-related stereotypes. It empowers seniors to feel confident, vibrant, and fashionable. 

Senior Style Bible offers a mix of fashion tips, outfit inspirations, beauty advice, and lifestyle-related posts. It showcases that age is not a barrier to style and encourages seniors to embrace their age with grace and elegance.

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10. A Well-Styled Life

Next on our list of the best senior blogs is A Well-Styled Life, run by Jennifer Connolly.

It’s a blog that provides seniors with practical tips on fashion, beauty, and wellness. The blog is a comprehensive guide for seniors who want to maintain their style while aging gracefully. Jennifer offers personalized advice on style, skincare, fitness, and overall well-being. 

She shares her personal experiences, product reviews, and style transformations to inspire seniors. Her blog also provides a community where seniors can engage in meaningful discussions and share their experiences. 

11. Griswold Home Care

Griswold Home Care is an informative blog that focuses on home care services and solutions for seniors. It offers valuable insights into elder care, health issues, and caregiver tips.

Their articles cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the symptoms of Alzheimer’s to providing home safety tips for seniors. The goal of this blog is to help seniors live comfortably and independently in their own homes. It also provides resources to help caregivers in their journey of providing the best care for seniors.

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12. Onshift Blog

Onshift Blog

The OnShift Blog is also among the best blogs for seniors.

It’s a valuable resource for those involved in senior care, whether they are care professionals, family members, or seniors themselves. The blog offers insights into the latest trends and best practices in senior care, with a focus on workforce management.

It delivers actionable advice on how to improve the quality of care, increase staff satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiency. Onshift blog also covers topics related to senior living technology, staffing strategies, and leadership tips, making it an essential read for anyone in the senior care industry.

13. Consumer Boomer

Consumer Boomer is an excellent senior blog that addresses the challenges and opportunities that come with aging. It provides a wealth of resources on financial planning, health and wellness, retirement planning, and technology for boomers. Consumer Boomer also covers lifestyle topics like travel, leisure, and hobbies.

It’s designed to empower boomers to lead a fulfilling and financially secure life post-retirement. The blog’s practical tips and advice make it a must-read for anyone in the boomer generation.

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14. The Roaming Boomers

How about a senior blog that mixes aged people and travel?

This captivating travel blog caters to the boomer generation. The Roaming Boomers is run by a couple who share their experiences of traveling in their retirement years. It offers a mix of travelogues, reviews, advice, and tips on the best destinations, accommodations, and experiences for senior travelers.

The Roaming Boomers inspires seniors to explore the world, encouraging them to embrace new adventures in their golden years. It’s a fantastic resource for travel-loving seniors looking for inspiration and practical tips.

15. Suddenly Senior

Suddenly Senior

Last but certainly not least in our list of the best senior blogs is Suddenly Senior.

Suddenly Senior is a humorous and insightful blog that takes a light-hearted approach to aging. The senior blog offers a mix of fun, nostalgia, and wisdom, covering topics like health, finances, and lifestyle. It also features a Senior Trivia section that tests readers’ knowledge of various topics. 

This blog’s candid and engaging tone makes it a delightful read for seniors and their families. Suddenly Senior offers a refreshing perspective on aging, proving that life can indeed become more exciting as one grows older.

Wrapping Up

Each of these senior blogs offers a unique perspective on senior living and aging. From the latest information on senior housing to financial advice for boomers, travel experiences, and a humorous take on life post-retirement, these blogs provide valuable insights for seniors and their caregivers.

Whether you’re a senior, a caregiver, a family member, or simply interested in the topic, these blogs are a treasure trove of information, advice, and inspiration. They champion the cause of aging gracefully and living life to the fullest, no matter your age.

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