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How to Start a Beauty Blog in 2023 and Make Money

Do you have a passion for beauty and cosmetics? Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with others, inspiring them to look their best, and potentially making money from it? If so, starting a beauty blog could be the perfect way to do just that.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to start your own beauty blog in 2023. We’ll cover everything from choosing a domain name and hosting provider, setting up your site content, building an audience, and promoting your blog, as well as creating income.

I’ll also give tips on what makes good content for a beauty blog and how to keep readers returning for more. With this guide, even complete beginners can easily start a successful beauty blog.

So let’s get started!

What is a beauty blog?

A beauty blog is an online resource dedicated to teaching readers about makeup, skincare, hair care, and other elements of the beauty industry. It can include tutorials, product reviews, advice on how to look your best, or simply tips and tricks from experts in the field.

Furthermore, a successful beauty blog isn’t just about looks but also about feeling comfortable in your own skin. It encourages self-care and confidence, which is something all readers should strive for.

A beauty blog is also a great way to showcase your own personal style. You can discuss trends, how-tos, and the latest products that you’ve been testing out. It’s the perfect platform for self-expression if you want to share your love of beauty with the world.

Now that you know what a beauty blog is, let’s see the different steps to start one.

Step 1: Choose Your Beauty Niche

The first step to starting a beauty blog is deciding what niche you want to focus on. Are you passionate about skincare? Do you love trying out new makeup looks? Or perhaps you’re more interested in hair care and styling tips.

Your niche should be something that resonates with your interests and experiences, so take some time to decide what you want to write about.

Keep in mind that you may also cover these topics (skincare, makeup, hair care, fashion, etc.) on one blog if you have practical experience in all of them. Many beauty bloggers also take this approach.

Beauty Blog header with many blog niches

Some beauty bloggers may prefer to separate these niches into different blogs: one blog for skincare, one for hair, and so on.

Step 2: Choose a Name for Your Beauty Blog

Once you have your niche (or niches) in mind, it’s time to create a name for your blog. It should be catchy and memorable, as well as descriptive of the topics you plan to cover. Think carefully about what words could capture the essence of your blog’s content and mission.

You can also play around with alliteration to make your blog name stand out even more. For example, if you wanted to focus on skincare and makeup, you could go with “Better Beauty Bites.”

Another way to come up with a catchy name for your beauty blog is to use a blog name generator like businessnamegenerator. It’s one of the best tools in its niche.

Go to Business Name Generator and type keywords related to your blog, and click Get Started.

Use Business Name Generator to find a name for a beauty blog

The tool will provide you with hundreds of blog name ideas for your beauty blog. When you find a name, you must check if it’s still available. For this, you can use Godaddy or Namecheap. For example, go to Godaddy and type in your potential blog name.

By the way, choose .com for the domain extension. It’s easier to remember and more professional.

One more step to take is to create an Instagram account with your blog name. It will help you build an audience and promote your blog more easily. Moreover, Instagram is a popular place for beauty bloggers to share their tips and products.

Step 3: Choose a Blogging Platform

To start a beauty blog, you’ll also need to choose a blogging platform, and I highly recommend WordPress (WordPress.org).

It’s the most popular platform for bloggers, and it offers flexibility and customization options that other platforms don’t.

WordPress also makes it easier to monetize your blog since they have many plugins available such as AdSense, affiliate networks, e-commerce tools, and more. Plus, you can easily customize the look of your blog with themes and plugins.

There is nothing you can’t do on WordPress for your beauty blog. You are in complete control and can even decide to use beauty WordPress themes. That’s wonderful!

Step 4: Buy Your Domain Name and Host Your Beauty Blog

The next step is to purchase your domain name and hosting for your beauty blog. You can do this through a company like Bluehost, Hostinger, and Siteground. They are some of the best WordPress hosting providers.

For this example, I will use Hostinger. Go to Hostinger, and click on Hosting > WordPress Hosting.

Go to Hostinger to buy hosting to start your beauty blog

Scroll down and select a hosting plan. I recommend Single WordPress. It’s the perfect choice for beginner beauty bloggers. Click on Add to Cart.

Choose Single WordPress on Hostinger as your hosting plan for your beauty blog

On the next page, choose a period. I don’t recommend choosing 1 month. Instead, choose between 12, 24, and 48, depending on your budget.

Choose hosting duration on Hostinger

Finally, add your payment information and click Submit Secure Payment. After following all the steps after this point, you will access your Hostinger platform.

Hostinger dashboard where you can start your beauty blog

Finally, you can access your WordPress blog under Websites on Hostinger.

Access Your WordPress Dashboard to Create Your Beauty Blog

Your WordPress dashboard should look like the image below.

WordPress Dashboard

Step 5: Install a WordPress Theme for Your Beauty Blog

Now that your blog is up and running, you need to install a WordPress theme. A good theme will make your beauty blog look stunning and professional.

A WordPress theme is a package of files that control the design and functionality of your website. It includes templates for the layout, colors, fonts, and other elements to give your blog an overall look.

There are hundreds of free and premium themes to choose from that are specifically designed for beauty blogs. Take some time to research what is available and select one that suits both your style and your audience.

Some of the free themes that I recommend are Astra, OceanWP, and Hestia. These are general WordPress themes, and they are excellent enough to help you start your beauty blog. But if you want beauty WordPress themes, then Beauty Salon Lite, Beauty Hair Salon, and Lotus Beauty are great choices.

Yes, they are indeed themes made to create shops. But if you remove these shopping features and change the message to fit your, you will have a stunning beauty blog.

To install a WordPress theme, log in to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance> Theme > Add New.

WordPress Dashboard showing how to install a WordPress theme

Enter the theme’s name in the search bar and click Install.

how to install a WordPress theme

Finally, click on Activate.

Click Activate to Install and Activate a WordPress Theme

And voilà, you just installed a WordPress theme for your beauty blog.

Step 6: Install Essential Plugins to add Extra Functionality

Once you’ve installed a WordPress theme, the next step is to install essential plugins. Plugins are small programs that add extra functionality to your blog and make it easier for readers to navigate and find information.

These can include social media sharing tools, contact forms, SEO optimization tools, newsletter subscription boxes, and more. Here is a list of my favorite plugins:

Some of the plugins I recommend are:

Yoast SEO: to optimize your blog posts so that they rank high on Google

WPForms:  to create contact forms

MonsterInsights: to track your blog’s performance and statistics

Wordfence: for security, image optimization, and other useful features

WP Smush: to compress and optimize your images

Social Warfare: to easily share content on social media

Once you have installed the plugins, you can customize them in the settings. Make sure to read the documentation so that you understand how each plugin works and configure it properly.

Step 7: Create Important Pages for Your Beauty Blog

A blog does not make sense without pages. They are like the foundation of your site, and they give structure to it.

Pages provide information about the blog, such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, etc. These pages contain important information that readers should know before visiting or engaging with your beauty blog. Here are some of the pages that you should include:

  • Home – a welcome page for your blog
  • About Me – How it all started and what your mission is
  • Contact Me – An easy way for readers to reach you
  • Blog –  Where your readers can find all your posts
  • Services – If you offer services, list them here
  • Privacy Policy – Explain how you use the data collected from readers
  • Terms of Service – The terms and conditions of using your site

Once you have created all the necessary pages, link them in the menu bar and footer, and your blog will be ready for readers.

Create and link important pages for your beauty blog

Step 8: Write and Promote Your First Blog Post

Now, you need to write and promote your first blog post. In fact, writing blog posts becomes a habit when you start a blog. Take some time to brainstorm ideas and create content that will engage your readers. Make sure it is well-written, informative, and includes visuals like images and videos.

Want to know what beauty blog posts are about? Here are 23 blog post ideas for beauty blogs:

  1. Skincare Tips for Different Seasons
  2. How to Choose the Right Makeup Products
  3. Hair Styling Trends of 2023
  4. DIY Beauty Treatments at Home
  5. Best Nail Art Ideas for Longer Nails
  6. Popular Types of Facial Masks and Their Benefits
  7. Exploring Natural Beauty Products and Their Ingredients
  8. 5 Tips for Creating a Simple Makeup Look That Lasts All Day
  9. How to Find the Best Hair Care Products Based on Your Hair Type
  10. Home Remedies for Glowing Skin
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions: Pros, Cons & Everything in Between
  12. How To Choose the Right Foundation for Different Skin Types
  13. 8 Essential Steps For Maintaining Healthy Nails In Winter Months
  14. Which Perfumes Are Suitable For Summer? A Comprehensive Guide
  15. 10 Tips on Choosing Natural Cosmetics Without Chemicals
  16. What You Need To Know Before Getting A Professional Hairstyle Done
  17. All About Airbrush Makeup And Its Durability
  18. 4 DIY Face Mask Recipes You Should Try At Home
  19. Understanding Chemical Peels: Benefits, Side Effects & Alternatives
  20. Shopping Guide: The Best Cruelty-free Beauty Brands
  21. 9 Must-Have Tools Every Make Up Artist Needs
  22. Top Ten Methods Of Non-Toxic Hair Coloring
  23. Guide To Natural Sunscreens: Benefits And Ingredients

Once you have created the post, promote it on social media to reach a wider audience and increase your readership.

You can also include it in newsletters or write guest posts to spread the word. This is how you can start a beauty blog and make sure it stands out from the crowd.

Step 9: Make Money From Your Beauty Blog

Making money is maybe the primary goal when one starts a beauty blog, and there are several ways you can do it.

You can join an affiliate program and promote products related to beauty on your blog or website. Or, you can start a service business and offer services such as makeup tutorials and consultations. You could also sell digital products like e-books and courses that teach people about beauty.

You can also monetize your blog’s content by running ads or creating sponsored posts. Finally, you could offer premium services such as private one-on-one consultations or events for readers.

With the right strategy and planning, a beauty blog can be a successful business in no time.

By the way, did you know many bloggers include beauty in lifestyle blogs? A lifestyle blog allows them to cover many blog niches in one blog.

You Can Start a Beauty Blog and Become a Successful Beauty Blogger

If you love beauty and want to start a beauty blog to share your knowledge and experience, follow the steps outlined in this article. Create content that is interesting, informative, and engaging for your readers. Promote it on social media, create an email list, join an affiliate program or offer services like makeup tutorials or courses.

With dedication and hard work, you can make money from your beauty blog and become a successful beauty blogger. 

Piaff Dibota

Piaff brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the blogging world. Having worked as a content writer for multiple companies in different niches, he shares his blogging expertise through professional and engaging blog posts. 

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