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How to Update a WordPress Theme: 2 Easy Methods!

About 43.2% of websites on the internet use WordPress. Therefore, most site owners are aware of the WordPress theme’s importance. It is necessary to update your WordPress theme to keep your site working the way it should.

However, if you want to know why and how to update your WordPress theme correctly, worry not. This guide has it all for you. 

Why Update a WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes govern the look of your website, its content display, its professionalism, and more.

It’s important to update the theme for multiple reasons. Some of the most important ones include the following:

1. Safety and Security

WordPress themes cause about 11% of website attacks. These more often happen due to keeping using an outdated WordPress theme version.

Developers patch security vulnerabilities constantly whenever they find these. So, you should update the theme as soon as possible, even if the update seems tiny. It may contain an important security patch. 

2. Performance Optimization

Reputable developers keep updating their WordPress themes after their initial release. These updates are necessary to take the theme’s performance to the next level.

Common performance optimization updates generally include patching bugs, decreased load time, improved customer experience, and more. 

3. New Features

Besides performance updates, developers sometimes offer new features in the latest WordPress theme releases.

Whether these new features are requests from the community or a response to technological change, take advantage of these.

4. Compatibility

Ensuring compatibility is another best reason why you should update your WordPress theme.

Running the latest WordPress theme version usually follows suit with guaranteed compatibility. So, whenever you update the WordPress version, always update its theme too.

This update is also important because it improves the compatibility with other WordPress plugins installed on your website.

How to Automatically Update a WordPress Theme: Method 1

Follow these steps to update your WordPress theme automatically:

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard

2. Scroll down, hover over your mouse on Appearance, and click on Themes.

Update a WordPress theme - log into WordPress dashboard

3. Click on the theme you want to auto-update

Update a WordPress theme - Select the theme you want to update

4. Click on Enable Auto-Updates. The option is generally available just below the name of the theme’s developer. 

Click on auto update to update a WordPress theme

How to Manually Update a WordPress Theme: Method 2

Although auto-updates are the easiest way to keep your WordPress theme updated, avoid this if you prefer to do things yourself.

Sometimes, when you install a WordPress theme, it comes with companion plugins. These plugins provide extra features and usability to the themes.

Updating your theme may cause compatibility issues with these plugins. In this case, you may want to update your WordPress theme manually instead.

Follow the steps enlisted below to update your WordPress theme manually:

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click on Dashboard and select Updates.

Click on dashboard and Update to update a WordPress theme

3. Now scroll down to the “Themes” section. If you see the newest version of your theme, click on the “Update Theme” button. 

Always Keep Your Themes Updated

As a site owner, you certainly work harder to keep your images, content, and software updated. Similarly, you should keep your WordPress theme updated to avoid any inconvenience.

Moreover, when you update a WordPress theme, you can also avoid security vulnerabilities and enjoy all its latest features on the go.

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Piaff brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the blogging world. Having worked as a content writer for multiple companies in different niches, he shares his blogging expertise through professional and engaging blog posts. 

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